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Spreading joy and love globally,

through beautiful illustrations,

to support local communities.

“Ayubowan” - Long Life

A family run boutique brand, Tall Tales Sri Lanka is a story of love envisioned by sisters with a desire to walk alongside their mother Sally Hulugalle, and champion her local charity organisation Nest.

Their story is told through a series of beautiful illustrations created by Sally, designed to spread joy and love.

From a young age, Sally developed a love for artistic activities and caring for people. Tall Tales was launched in 2014 to support Sally on her journey of love for writing, sketching, and especially, her charity and community empowerment work.

Established in 1984, Nest is registered in Sri Lanka as a non-profit organisation and a charity. Nest supports the overall well-being of communities, including mental health, and works to strengthen the lives of women, children, families and individuals.

The heart of Tall Tales’ story is to spread love and joy through our unique and vibrant collections to all our stakeholders, customers, suppliers, and most importantly, to strengthen local communities through net proceeds. By working with Nest, we support the local economy in Sri Lanka and communities in need.

Thank you for visiting us, and we hope that you will join us on this journey.

The goal of our work is to strengthen communities in need and the local economy.  

Sally Hulugalle Tall Tales

Sally Hulugalle

Tall Tales is a beautiful brand sharing love and joy through beautiful creations using our mother’s style.

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